Buffalo chicken dip

Preheat oven to 375


1)  In pie tin or pie glass (or something shallow and similar in size) smooth out package of cream cheese over the bottom.

2)  In bowl  mix following:

one lg. can of chicken (if not purchased before,it is sold by canned tuna)

½ package of dry ranch dressing mix

Approx. 1 cup of buffalo wing sauce (maybe less depending on the brand) start with ½ cup and then add till all chicken is covered but not so much to make it soupy

3)  Add chicken mixture as next layer on top of cream cheese in pie pan

4)  Sprinkle Mexican or cheddar cheese on top just enough to cover for top layer

5)  Cookin oven 20 – 30 mins until the top just starts to brown at outer edges.

6)  Serve with tortilla chips and/or crackers.

You can change it up by adding jalapenos or green chilis

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